Comparing the Kingdoms, Disney's Magic Kingdoms.
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Only in Tokyo Disneyland – Grandma Sara’s Kitchen

Tokyo Disneyland holds many restaurant locations faithfully replicated from the American parks, but Only in Tokyo can you experience a meal in Grandma Sara’s Kitchen ! This counter service restaurant in the middle of Critter Country has two main entrances and a very small one on the side, perfectly matching Critter’s Country theme of scattered […]

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Maximum Capacity

The week-end before Christmas, Disneyland Paris, in an unprecedented move had to pull out the SOLD OUT sign three days in advance, warnning its upcoming guests that only visitors with a dated ticket would be allowed in. The rest either better cancel their trip, or settle for the resort’s second gate : Walt Disney Studios. […]

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The Arcades

When designing the blueprints of Euro Disneyland, Imagineers thought wise to add covered passage on each side of Main Street. It echoed the famous parisian passages and offered a warm shelter along side Main Street for the rainy/cold winter times of Saint Denis plane. In any weather you could still confortably walk up Main Street […]

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Here it comes

Many stuff happened during 2008, and new projects have been anounced even though nothing came to the Kingdoms. Always their “second, third of fourth gates” get the treats. But hey, that can also mean they’re close to perfection and few will disagree. Beside they did took all the attention up until the late 90’s. I […]

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5 Christmas Trees

On the most wonderful time of the year, any Disney Kingdom around the world dresses up it’s most remote detail to share the Christmas spirit. The centerpiece of this advent celebration has always been its highest and most noticeable one. This modest article is about the 5 Christmas Trees of the 5 Magic Kingdoms ! […]

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Google Earth Disneyland Paris Update

Juste a quick note to tell you that Disneyland Paris Google Earth imagery has finally been updated. It is now decently recent (Oct. 21st 2007). Check out how everything looks orange in le Royaume Magic… We can finally see the Tower of Terror in Walt Disney Studios almost completed along with the parking structure over […]

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Sailing Ship Columbia

By reading this title and not knowing your Kingdoms very well you could swear this wonderful watercraft is in Walt Disney World docked by the Land from the same era : Liberty Square. Well no ! Walt Disney World’s Kingdom doesn’t have a sail ship, actually no Kingdom does but Disneyland. There, not only can […]

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Tokyo, Japan.

This long and already commented light posting period was due to several things. But the last two weeks “hiatus” has been due to something planned for 2 years now, and which is happening today. From now on and until mid december I’m gonna be blogging from Tokyo, Japan. This three months stay means a lot […]

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5 Parade Routes

Everybody knows its home park parade route by heart, being able to define the best spot to watch it, or the best short cuts to avoid it, but what about the other parks ? What about the 5 Parade Routes of the 5 Magic Kingoms ? Disneyland (above) being the first parade hosting park bares […]

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