Crediting the Disney World

Building the ongoing library of articles which constitutes 5 Kingdoms is a tedious job. Not because scrolling through the Kingdoms both physically and virtually takes time and concentration (even if it does) but because when your article have to encompass 6 different Disney Kingdoms, even if you’ve experienced them all, well when you start this article, only the most recently visited park is still fresh in your mind. That is when you’re lucky!

So most of the work could not be accomplished without the tremendous resources published in so many forms by every fans (or not) of the Disney universe. They are my eyes and legs and brain (the ‘remember now?’ part of it.)

Again because I’ve been to several Kingdoms prior to my determination in comparing them on a blog, the many pictures I’ve taken along my trips don’t always best reflect the potential differences of the Kingdoms.
When they do I proudly publish them with a 6 Kingdoms watermark.
When they don’t, I found myself deprived of any good illustration.

Again, comes the Internet.

Every picture I do not own is credited and backlinked to its owner whether he or she is a media website user such as flickr or a fellow blogger or book author or a friend I personally know. As for the picture’s link, it redirects to its original host (flickr, picassa, your own bog etc…) or an enlarged version of it when it’s been scanned from printed material.

That is how medias and their credits look like on 6 Kingdoms

I’ve never been asked to take down a picture but would do it with total understanding if ever instructed.

This blog would not exist without the thousands of Disney parks films and pictures available on the internet. And it certainly wouldn’t be the same without featuring some of them.

Thanks to the whole Disney community.