I’m just a Disney fan. Starts when you’re a kid, loosen up around your teenage years and grabs you back as soon as you’re discovering adult life. I must confess that what I love the most about Disney is the parks, the Disneyland legacy and everything around them which is now bluntly summarised as “Walt Disney Attractions”. Over my not so short life I had to get into the history and past of the Man. And accessory to my research about his life and work, I had to learn about and end up loving animation and everything that finaly lead him to building Disneyland and thinking up Epcot.

But I’m not starting this blog to talk about another Disney fan’s views on the Mouse or scoopy insights about what ‘s next to come in the resorts. Way more informed people are already very efficiently discoursing on those matters. So efficiently that I’m eagerly reading their blogs everyday. Because everyday I wake up and wonder what’s up with the Mouse. I’m just a Disney fan, have I already mentioned it ?
But reading all those blogs and forums I understand the chance that those bloggers have to have visited not only the American parks (let’s face it, most american have) but also the other ones. I’m very proud to share this luck with them and therefor felt I could use this experience to build my own blog.
This blog is called 5 Kingdoms, for whenever Disney build a resort around the world or just one simple park (as it twice modestly started like this), they build a Magic Kingdom or un Royaume Magique. So far the world bears five of them. They’re all based on the same unique and detailed template that the Man designed himself in the 50’s and still proves to be efficient today. One hub, several lands. One castle, several worlds.
I have visited 4 of those 5 Kingdoms. Hong Kong caught me off guard and I’m having a hard time convincing people to join me on the Adventure (Any first time visit to a Disney park shall be, when possible, experienced as a party) For some reason, even the most hardcore Disney fans still think it’s not worth the trip (dollar wise, it may not, but Disney wise I think their Adventureland merits the attention, we’ll discuss it more in the coming articles). For so many reasons I’ve not seen that one, but the others ones I have and I want to start bloging about their likes and dislikes.
They’re all so very different parks inside one shared layout. All of those attractions and themed areas around the Kingdoms (most of them intitiated in DLR) are never quiet the same, and their differences and similitudes, I think, are worth blogging about.
International Magic Kingdoms are definitely not Copy/Paste. They are distinct and unique Kingdoms.
5 Kingdoms.
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  • 1983horizons1

    This is a fantastic idea for a blog. I always wanted to hear opinions from someone with personal experience in all of the (significant) Disney parks around the world.

    I just read a few of your articles and thy’re great. I can’t wait to hear more.

  • Ben

    What a great site! Exactly what I have been looking for! I have years worth of annual passes to Paris and Orlando, have been to Tokyo once, and will probably soon be living part of the year in LA. I especially liked your article on Main Street and was very surprised to learn that Paris and Orlando are essentially the same facades. -What is everyones favorite park?