Comparing the Kingdoms, Disney's Magic Kingdoms.
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2 Blue Bayou and 1 Blue Lagoon

Cajun food and quiet atmosphere made it famous in two continents, while Caribbean cuisine and explorer’s mood made the last location unique. There is no more famous Disney restaurant in the Kingdoms – this article is about the 3 Blue Bayou type restaurants of the 5 Magic Kingdoms !

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2 Village Haus and 1 Chalet de la Marionnette

They are the largest and most popular dining location in any Fantasyland they inhabit and reccurently make it to almost every Kingdomers’ ‘Where do we eat? list! Only among them can you order your food in an italian village and go seat under a vast Pinnochio’s mural. They are to mountain urbanism what the Matterhorn […]

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2 Refreshment Corner and 2 Casey’s Corner

This Disney signature counter restaurants proudly bares its white and red colors in  two coastal states plus France and Japan : A corner, some hot dogs and plenty of Coca Cola, this article is about the 4 Refreshment Corners style restaurants of the 5 Magic Kingdoms.

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How many Restaurants ?

How many snacks, fast food, and fine dining every Kingdom holds ? This many. Disneyland¬†: Table Service & Buffet : 4 Counter Service : 11 Stands & Snacks : 6 Magic Kingdom Table Service & Buffet : 5 Counter Service : 9 Stands & Snacks : 14 Tokyo Disneyland Table Service & Buffet : 10 […]

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2 Plaza Inn and 1 Plaza Gardens

In 1955, leaving Main Street, on your right side you could see an eatery called Red Wagon. It was a restaurant that shared its kitchen with the employee cafeteria. When Walt Disney undertook to launch the expension of Disneyland, the one that would include Pirates and New Orleans Square, he had this little restaurant renamed […]

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