4 City Halls

Cheerful or disapointed, worried or hungry, millions of visitors walk through their doors every days. This article is about the 4 City Halls of the 6 Magic Kingdoms.

Every 4 City Halls share the same location. In Anaheim, Orlando, Paris and Hong Kong, they sit on the left side of Central Plaza, when facing the Castle. Tokyo and Shanghai, not having a Main Street proper have their Guest Relation stands outside of the berm.

Left: the Original City Hall in Disneyland and the adjacent Fire Station

The former Fort Colins, Colorado City Hall. The inspiration for the first Main Street City Hall.

As for architecture, the oldest and youngest City Hall are quiet the same. As many already know Hong Kong Disneyland Main Street replicates the design of the Motherpark and only differs by the texture and color used to garnish the buildings. Buildings are therefor the very same shape.

Both are inspired by Harper Goff’s hometown of Fort Collins Colorado.

Now as for Walt Disney World’s, it is like its Main Street, more New England inspired and paler in color. But as for many item in the Magic Kingdom it is more massive than its California counterpart.

Walt Disney World’s City Hall bears New England’s style.

In Paris, the look is a more general approach of American architecture : red bricks, slate shingle rooves and golden eagle. It is somehow similar to the American Pavillon in Epcot. The golden elements add some kind of refinement unique to this park along with the 4 sided clock bell tower. Beside Orlando, it is the only City Hall bearing a clock.

Disneyland Paris’ City Hall architecture screams America.

As mentioned earlier Tokyo Disneyland doesn’t have a City Hall, its visitors center is outside of World Bazaar, at the end of the left building that flanks the World Bazaar Canopee.

In Shanghai, Guest Relation is a stand alone building before the “train station”, siting on the right side of floral Mickey.

Tokyo’s Main Street House is not themed as a City Hall or any particular building.

Photo by PeterPanFan / All Rights Reserved

Hoping to get a picture of Shanghai Disneyland’s Guest Relation up soon.

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