Comparing the Kingdoms, Disney's Magic Kingdoms.
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4 Pirates of the Caribbean

They are the one mandatory stop in every Kingdom they dwell in, the one attraction you’re gonna have to do no matter how often you visit. From the moment you hear those seldom banjo chords to the great blazing finale, you never stop rediscovering this ever so detailed Disney experience and humming its Yo Ho(w) so famous tune!
Since in Hollywood dead men do tell tales, its grandeur recently broke out of the Kingdom’s berm and conquered the unthemed world…
This article is about the 4 Pirates of the Caribbean attractions of the 5 Magic Kingdoms!

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5 Carrousels

They are the quintessence of outdoor entertainment, the cornerstone of carnival history from which everything started, even Disney’s idea of a theme park burgeoned around one. Their adult size wooden horses best represent the wish of Walt Disney to let adults and children play together. In a Disney Kingdom, they strike on entering as you see them spinning like an enchanted zoetrope whose window is none other than the Castle itself.
This article is about the 5 Carrousels of the 5 Magic Kingdoms !

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4 Big Thunder Mountain

It is the jewel of most Magic Kingdoms and always its most popular attraction. Kids and Parents both enjoy one of the still longest roller coaster among every Disney Theme Parks, this article is about the 4 Big Thunder Mountain of the 5 Magic Kingdoms!

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3 Haunted Mansion and 1 Phantom Manor

A ghost house involves animated skeletons reaching out in the dark, fluorescent matter dropping on your face, taped laughter and of course the never ending rolling barrel. But all of those were replaced 40 years ago by a stretching room, a pepper ghost banquet, Mrs. Leota, and some carriages called Doom Buggies.
This article, is about the 4 Haunted Mansion attractions of the 5 Magic Kingdoms.

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3 Tea Parties and 2 Hatter Tea Cups

They seem to be the essence, the simplest attraction and yet of the defining experience of any Magic Kingdom. They can be a gentle swirl as well the craziest spin ! This article is about the 5 Mad Tea Party attractions of the 5 Magic Kingdoms. This title was not easy to come up with […]

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5 Disney Railroad

They’re as defining in a Kingdom as the Castle or Main Street Station, they’re the lazy river of any Disney Parks and those very famous narrow gauge railways have been present in every 5 of them since their respective openings! This article is about the 5 Disney Railroads of the 5 Magic Kingdoms. First, they […]

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3 Tiki Rooms !

This attraction is beared by 3 Kingdoms out of 5 which doesn’t make it the most reproduced but there has been so many versions of it, and I was lucky to experience all 4 of them, (and soon the new Tokyo “Stich” version) That I coudn’t resist but innaugurate the blog with this article. Waaaake […]

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