Comparing the Kingdoms, Disney's Magic Kingdoms.
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4 Pirates of the Caribbean

They are the one mandatory stop in every Kingdom they dwell in, the one attraction you’re gonna have to do no matter how often you visit. From the moment you hear those seldom banjo chords to the great blazing finale, you never stop rediscovering this ever so detailed Disney experience and humming its Yo Ho(w) so famous tune!
Since in Hollywood dead men do tell tales, its grandeur recently broke out of the Kingdom’s berm and conquered the unthemed world…
This article is about the 4 Pirates of the Caribbean attractions of the 5 Magic Kingdoms!

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Disneyland Paris Year of Refurbs

This is just a quick recap of the major refurbs which will blossom in the park in anticipation for 20th anniversary next year. When you’re familiar with other Disney resorts around the world, the condition of some of the major artefacts of the park strike as a shock. Budget restrictions imposed for so many years […]

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About the 6th Castle

Shanghai Disneyland castle will be the largest and tallest “Story Book Castle” of any Disney park -Bob Iger Judging by the very few concept arts massively released last friday, there seem to be two very good reasons why this castle needed to be the largest of any Disney’s Kingdom. First it is clear that the […]

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Thinking about Tokyo

The resort has not been spared by the Earthquake which shall soon be named and often spoke in the years to come. Even if our concern goes first to the people mostly affected up north, DeepDisney gives a pretty pictural description of the state of Tokyo Disney Resort today. (click on the second link on […]

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Toontown minus One

That’s it! One Toontown, Orlando’s Magic Kingdom’s Mickey’s Toontown Fair closed last week. This park will gain from this saddening closure but the 5 Kingdoms will lose. No attraction count alteration here for Toontown Fair didn’t share any attraction with its 2 counterparts. ‘The Barnstormer at Goofy’s Wiseacre Farm’ and Toontown Train Station which both […]

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Silver Spur Steakhouse

Paris’ Le Parc Disneyland holds many table service fine restaurants. So naturally only in its Thunder Mesa can you enjoy a fancy dinner in a location themed after the pricey premises of 19th century western America. It’s hard to find information about its ‘Storyline’ but it suits perfectly the one of Thunder Mesa, a striving […]

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2 Village Haus and 1 Chalet de la Marionnette

They are the largest and most popular dining location in any Fantasyland they inhabit and reccurently make it to almost every Kingdomers’ ‘Where do we eat? list! Only among them can you order your food in an italian village and go seat under a vast Pinnochio’s mural. They are to mountain urbanism what the Matterhorn […]

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A Kingdom Change.

What does this mean for the Kingdoms ? Not suprisingly, judging by the scale of this expansion, a lot! Let’s start with a bit of accounting: we are losing a Snow White’s Scary Adventure! So starting very soon, there will only be: 1 Snow White’s Scary Adventures in Disneyland, 1 Snow White Adventures in Tokyo […]

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