Silver Spur Steakhouse

Paris’ Le Parc Disneyland holds many table service fine restaurants. So naturally only in its Thunder Mesa can you enjoy a fancy dinner in a location themed after the pricey premises of 19th century western America.

Its beautiful facade facing Frontierland’s Rivers of the Farwest docks

It’s hard to find information about its ‘Storyline’ but it suits perfectly the one of Thunder Mesa, a striving gold rush city whose ‘nouveau riche’ clientèle could only finish its day in such a fine establishment.
It sits right by Rivers of the Farwest opposing River Boat Landing.

The lobby has been faithfully designed to match this early concept art

Alain Littaye‘s From Sketch to Reality

Silver Spur Steakhouse welcomes guests upon strongly advised reservation on its main floor and elevated side ground. Everyone can admire the huge open kitchen from which comes the best grilled and roasted meat of the french Kingdom. Its cuisine is famous for freshly cut i-bones and faux-filet.

The one dining room and open kitchen

The open kitchen is presented as the centerpiece of this culinary attraction where the noises, smells and occasional flames of a busy restaurant backstage comes into direct contact with its audience. An audience already thrilled by its original setting, for the recreation of a gold rush age restaurant is not only unique to the Kingdoms, but to every Disney resorts!


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