Only In… Tokyo Disneyland

The Canpopy

Photo by Tom Bricker / All Rights Reserved

… or the marquee, or the covered passage, or that huge victorian Crystal Palace placed over Main Street. Let’s look how Tokyo Disneyland’s own World Bazaar is so unique that it stands among the greatest piece of Disney architecture.

Contrary to the other Main Street which are one street with alleys giving the feeling of a genuine crossing, World Bazzar works as a real junction that leads to three different lands. So the Marquee doesn’t only cover a street, but two, plus the large empty space left by this massive crossing. The importance of the structure can be seen on the google earth snapshot on the left. The left side leads to Adventureland and the right one to Tomorrowland.

This huge glamourous victorian marquee impresses with its grand allure, towering the smaller buildings around it is seen from afar walking toward the park. It gives a certain grandeur to the landscape and suprisingly defy the castle opposing its exit.

One end of Center Street leading to Adventureland

View from that end

The roof is mainly supported by the shops buidlings so poles are only needed for the exit opening leading to the castle and the structural gap over the crossing. They are beautiful Victorian pillars similar to those holding in place the canopies of many 19th century european train stations.

Pole details frenzy!

As it cuts short the Main Street pespective, walking inside and up World Bazaar Canopy offers a different kind of wow. But suprisingly it really blends with the main street atmosphere and even overplay the themed immersion. Its architecture evoques the old train stations of europe often seen in impresionnist paintings which really fit in this european “World Bazaar” with its buildings inside a building concept.

On a more confort note, let’s add that the infrastructure can be heated in winter and cooled in the summer making it for sure a great addition to any Kingdom.

Don’t think once the Canopy reduces the beauty of Main Street, it juste changes it, pushes it toward a slightly different direction. A direction which is the boldest Disney ever took.

Who says this doesn’t feel like Main Street USA?
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  • — Ryan P. Wilson

    It reminds me, for whatever ever reason, of Chicago. Specifically the 1893 World’s Fair. While I love the Main Street I grew up with, this structure definitely ranks high among gorgeous vistas created by Disney.

  • George Taylor

    Great post!

    I agree with Ryan that The World Bazaar is very reminiscent of the Chicago World’s Fair.

    Thanks for sharing the images.

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