Disneyland Paris Year of Refurbs

This is just a quick recap of the major refurbs which will blossom in the park in anticipation for 20th anniversary next year.
When you’re familiar with other Disney resorts around the world, the condition of some of the major artefacts of the park strike as a shock. Budget restrictions imposed for so many years are responsible for this lack of attention, along with the serious levels of humidity which plague the area.

But at last some locations untouched since 1992 are receiving the major refurbishment (replacement for some) they truly deserve. The following map and list is to better understand what will change.

A legended map of the coming Disneyland Paris refurbs

  1. The Castle is already receiving a new color scheme closer to its original version from 1992. Some underwater fountains are also being installed in the moat for something that may be a permanent fixture for a coming night time show.
  2. Big Thunder Moutain is also being refurbished, at least the mountain and the arch which had not been refurbished even during the great repaint of 2007.
  3. Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost will at last be completely repainted. This major eating location suffered from the worst case of humid wood but was left untouched judging it didn’t hurt the surrounding adventure theme.
  4. Captain Hook’s Pirate Ship is “officially” beyond repair and will be rebuilt form stern to bow. Again another victim of the “okay with the theme” Disneyland Paris policy.
  5. The thatch roof from both The Old Mill and March Hare Refreshments will be redone. March Hare has indeed been in a very bad condition for the last 5 years.
  6. The wide parade route of Fantasyland is currently being repaved to better accomodate both the floats and the crowds which amass there before/during the parade and inevitably bottleneck right after.
  7. Two major locations from Main Street USA, Walt’s An American Restaurant and Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour will be repainted to better match their colors and style from the early days.
Present state of the thatch roof of March Hare Refurbishments

fellow blogger Hilary JW

Present state of Captain Cook’s Pirate Ship

Coming 2012 the French Kingdom may again be worth of its acclaimed lavishness.

This article is just a recap of the planned Disneyland Paris refurbishments. For more information you can read the many articles published by the excellent DLRPToday about the upcoming refurbishments.

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