A Kingdom Change.

What does this mean for the Kingdoms ?
Not suprisingly, judging by the scale of this expansion, a lot!

Let’s start with a bit of accounting: we are losing a Snow White’s Scary Adventure! So starting very soon, there will only be:

  • 1 Snow White’s Scary Adventures in Disneyland,
  • 1 Snow White Adventures in Tokyo Disneyland and
  • 1 Blanche Neige et les 7 Nains in Disneyland Paris.

Totaling 3 Snow White’s Scary Adventures rides.
Enjoy the Magic Kingdom’s one while it last for soon enough Walt Disney World will join Hong Kong as a Kingdom deprived of this historical dark ride!

Even though we don’t know the name of the Little Mermaid ride included in the expansion, it will be the second version of this ever so anticipated Disney experience whose Californian grand opening is planned for this summer.

As for Snow White’s new not-so-kiddie roller coaster (remember all the excitement on the internet is mainly voiced by grown-ups) well it constitutes some major Kingdom firsts.

This is the first time Snow White gets a major venue in a Kingdom beside its original rides and its a welcomed event considering this is regarded by many as one of the cornerstones of the whole Disney legacy.

This is also the first time a Disney Classic from the first Golden Age gets a ride in a Kingdom since the 50’s beside Pinnochio’s Daring Jouney’s!
And this is not just a Snow White dark ride, it is an E ticket long to be remembered. Judging by the rendering provided by Disney and the previously leaked blueprints, this new Snow White attraction will take as much space as Big Thunder Mountain and as it must be slower, even more ride time.

Now this will also mean a lot of other firsts in the Kingdoms :
Beauty and the Beast Castle’s has never been reproduced in such a scale in any Kingdom. Its only model stands as the eye catch miniature piece of Le Pays des Conte de Fées, Disneyland Paris’ own Storybook Land Canal Boats.

Le Pays des Contes de Fées’s own Beauty and the Beast Castle in Disneyland Paris

flickr user: thesophiescene

Another familiar sight of Storybook Land is Prince Eric’s castle. This magnificent Mediterranean Disney Castle will shelter the new The Little Mermaid ride and will be the only construction directly borrowed from the film to be build in a Disney Magic Kingdom.
Tokyo Disney Sea does use The Little Mermaid undersea Castle as a gate to its Triston’s Kingdom but this Disney Park jewel is not a Kingdom.

The other great news is the retaking of an old Disney classic : The Circus. And not as simple attraction, but as a whole mini land! The Mickey Mouse Club Circus did entertain thousands of kids during Disneyland early history and a large chunk of the park was originally envisioned as a circus area, but since then, beside the indispensable Casey Jr. not much was given to the circus in Disney Kingdoms. Disney has a lot of Circus related characters and story to fill this wonderful new miniland so it’s great news this part of worldwide entertainment’s heritage finds a home in Walt Disney World.

All together this a great expansion and certainly the first time a Kingdom is plussed this much in such a short time.

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  • zf

    “As for Snow White’s new not-so-kiddie roller coaster (remember all the excitement on the internet is mainly voiced by grown-ups) well it constitutes some major Kingdom firsts.”

    What, adults can’t get excited by kiddie stuff? :) Besides, it’s not like you find tons of kids filling up the Disney discussions boards and running blogs! So of course you see mainly adults excited.

  • CheriBibi

    Fair point zf ;)