Comparing the Kingdoms, Disney's Magic Kingdoms.
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Disneyland Paris Google Earth 3D finally on

That’s it, the long promised Google Earth modelization of Disneyland Paris is up and running. You can check it by opening your Google Earth software and go straight to Disneyland Paris after having checked the 3D Building box !  For all of you never having visited the french resort, rush to that marvel of communication !  Expect […]

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17 years !

Happy birthday Homepark ! Happy birthday dear Disneyland Paris ! It is so great to look back over the past 17 years. Disneyland really has gone from promise to strength, if you think about everything it has, accommodation as good as that you will find in a Britannia Hotel in the UK, an incredible Magic […]

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What is your Homepark ?

  What is your homepark, what is your Kingdom ? It is not necessarily the Disney park you enjoy the most or the park you rate the highest. It is the Kingdom nearest to your home, the one your parents took you to the most willingly. It is the Disney park with the most memories. It is […]

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Google Earth 5 and Disney History !

What is it with this guy and Google Earth ? I just love watching my favorite theme parks from the sky. Helps me build my articles when checking for attractions placing and layout. But little did I suspect that it would help the historical side of my pieces ! That’s right ! starting today with […]

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