Google Earth 5 and Disney History !

What is it with this guy and Google Earth ?

I just love watching my favorite theme parks from the sky. Helps me build my articles when checking for attractions placing and layout. But little did I suspect that it would help the historical side of my pieces !

That’s right ! starting today with Google Earth 5 you can browse satellite imagery by places… and dates.

Go above Disneyland for instance, click the history button (yeah the little clock as usual) and scroll back the years as far as 1995 to see how Disneyland was layed out back then !


Scrolling through the years...

Scrolling through the years...

That is another new enormous tool for the whole international community, certainly not only Disney !

But that is for sure where will start my time travel satellite exploration !

Boy are we gonna have fun above the Walt Disney World Resort…

Go check it out !

Sorry for another Google Earth news…

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  • Joanne Lemay

    Je voudrais savoir en quel année a été ouvert disney calafornie, disney Floride, chaque parc de disney Floride ont été ouvert en quel année.

  • CheriBibi

    Salut !

    Ben tout est là

    Pour Walt Disney World
    Magic Kingdom 1971, EPCOT 1982, Disney Hollywood Studio 1989 et Animal Kingdoms 1998.

    à bientôt sur 5 Kingdoms

  • اريد اشوف منزله

  • max

    AHHA This is good for me. Thank ^_^

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  • How long did it take you to write this blog.