Disneyland Paris Google Earth 3D finally on


That’s it, the long promised Google Earth modelization of Disneyland Paris is up and running. You can check it by opening your Google Earth software and go straight to Disneyland Paris after having checked the 3D Building box ! 

For all of you never having visited the french resort, rush to that marvel of communication ! 

Expect the same attention to details Walt Disney World already bares.

Hopefully the californian resort should get its 3D soon !

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    • Anonymous

      You have to check out this great collection of HD videos of the park:

    • WOO HOO! Now i can finally visit Disneyland Paris! :)

    • Wow that is incredible! Do they have a 3D model for every park?

    • Anonymous

      I wish every park was modeled

    • I remember going to disneyland paris! I loved it. Its not that big but still a good weekend of fun.

      Author at Cellulean

    • Oh, I didn’t know this. I shall take my children to their pre-visit on google! (lol)

    • carid

      This is wonderful. The place looks beautiful. All of the Disneyland Parks should have something like this. It’s like taking a virtual tour of Disneyland.

    • I am

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