Mickey and Minnie Costumed Characters Evolution

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  • D.O.C.

    I just got the Walt Disney Treasures DVD of Mickey Mouse in Black & White. In addition to seeing how he has changed through the years as a walk around, watching his changes on film is also interesting. Thanks for the post!

  • CheriBibi

    Indeed ! Too bad they do anymore short, their walk around are now frozen into the 90’s ;)


    If I recall correctly the last generation, where mickey went from wearing his straight leg pants to having his more rounded cartoon body, was tied to his 50th anniversary in 1978, and even though sometimes WDW seems to be bad about using stock photography that shows outdated things in the images, the postcards released from 1978 onward (including the one for Mickey’s 50th birthday parade) seem to be an example of a time that they made sure to NOT make that mistake, as it looks like all of my 1978, 79 and early 1980’s cards seem to have his newer look.