2 Refreshment Corner and 2 Casey’s Corner

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Heading toward the castle and closing on the hub, your left hear may sense a joyful piano, your left nostril a  fresh ketchup scent. This Disney signature counter restaurants proudly bares its white and red colors in  two coastal states plus France and Japan : A corner, some hot dogs and plenty of Coca Cola, this article is about the 4 Refreshment Corners style restaurants of the 5 Magic Kingdoms.


Even though its sponsors and soda fountain style both define those 4 locations as one family, there are 2 different types of “Corners” and 3 different designs.
The first design made of red brick and white wood stood in Disneyland on its opening day.
Over the year the oldest running fast food inside the berm grew very famous for its music. Rod Miller hold its white piano for 30 years before retiring in 2006.

The first Refreshment Corner

The first Refreshment Corner

It is smaller than its 3 counterparts but benefit from a large adjacent terrace called Corner Café. Interior is bright red and white, perfect to wait in line for your refreshment.

The other unique design is in Asia where sits the other Refreshment Corner. Red brick and wood all along but with a major twist. Being a “corner” in Tokyo Disneyland binds you to World Bazaar’s canopy, and so that particular Coca Cola vendor leans right on it as if it was part of support. Like the venue opposing it, it harbors an impressively rich spiral stair enclaved in a giant gazebo. This impressive piece of craftsmanship acts as a little turret towering Corner’s terrace. The theme and feel is very similar to its homonymous sister from California, as only one corner room circles its massive pearly white counter.


But the 2 last corners from France and Florida not only share a name, they share a particular theme. And this theme is non other than early America’s most popular sport: baseball. Those 2 Casey’s Corner, both colored in lemon yellow welcomes visitors in the familiar counter centered room but have some extra space. Passing the counter on the hub side is another room dressed like a sport’s fan room from the past.


Magic Kingdom's Casey's counter.

When Refreshment Corners can only sit guests on their respective terrasse, Casey’s Corners give theirs an indoor option, decorated with flags, signed collectibles and Corner’s distinctive Coca Cola luminaires.

the Backroom from both Caseys Corners

the Backroom from both Casey's Corners

All next to the hub, the 4 Corners do square its circle by completing its swarmy joyful atmosphere for no matter when you visit them, their terraces are always packed with hot dogs cravers. Every way seems to lead to them…

Because, Refreshment Corners, Casey’s or not simply and lively appeal to the top american fan groups: Baseball fans, Coke fans and Disney fans.


Disneyland Paris – From Sketch to Reality for the backroom shot. The book is available on Alain’s blog Disney and More.
Flickr user DisneyPrincess71
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