The Arcades

When designing the blueprints of Euro Disneyland, Imagineers thought wise to add covered passage on each side of Main Street. It echoed the famous parisian passages and offered a warm shelter along side Main Street for the rainy/cold winter times of Saint Denis plane. In any weather you could still confortably walk up Main Street or have a quick bite in the many restaurants whose seating space reached inside the arcades.

Above : Liberty Arcade

Two arcades were thought up as hommages. One for the Satue of Liberty inside which you can scroll pass different mock up and early stage plans of the famous statue. The other one is a tribute to the future envisioned by XIXth century contemporate. Its walls are covered with great renderings of what cities like New Orleans, Boston or New York could have looked like if everything had spanned out accrding to their futuristic mind. This is the same “retrofuture” themed thouroughly explored in Disneyland Paris’ Discoveryland.

Above : Discovery Arcade

Both arcades layout are similar exept for Liberty Arcade center piece called Liberty Court, here you’ll find a magnificent red curtain behind which every guest have once poked their head. What lays there is for no one to spoil.

Above : Liberty Court

The arcade are not only convenient during rainy day but also during parades where Main Street is particulary clogged up here in Paris.

Below : Retrofuture Art

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  • George Taylor

    Thanks for sharing the Arcades. I read about them in the DLP From Sketch to Reality book and really wanted to see more of them.

  • Robert

    They really are perfect and areb often gone unnoticed which is a shame.The only bad thing about them is that when the park is full it can get to look like a busy day at McDonalds in there.

  • Cory Gross

    Oh why did I cut through the Liberty Arcade instead of the Discovery Arcade? That Crystal Palace Riverboat was awesome!