Sailing Ship Columbia

By reading this title and not knowing your Kingdoms very well you could swear this wonderful watercraft is in Walt Disney World docked by the Land from the same era : Liberty Square. Well no ! Walt Disney World’s Kingdom doesn’t have a sail ship, actually no Kingdom does but Disneyland.

There, not only can you sail the Mark Twain riverboat, but also, embarking from the same port : The Columbia. 
The ship has been inspired by the Columbia Redivia and designed by none other than Joe Fowler, Disneyland’s construction general supervisor. 
This experience is unique because inside and outside, a lot of Disney details are bared. In 1964 opened the Below-Decks Museum, un walk through exhibit that shows you the inside of this beauty. You can therefor enjoy the scenery on deck or you can adventure below and watch everything  Imagineers have design for you inside the boat.

Though I think no one shall spoil the inner Columbia, I won’t anyway.

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  • — Ryan P. Wilson

    What I love about the uniqueness of the Columbia, and other unique experiences throughout the 5 Kingdoms, is that while each park has similarities, they also have striking differences. Which gives each park its own flavor. Thanks for sharing one of these unique pieces with us!