5 Parade Routes

Everybody knows its home park parade route by heart, being able to define the best spot to watch it, or the best short cuts to avoid it, but what about the other parks ?
What about the 5 Parade Routes of the 5 Magic Kingoms ?

Disneyland (above) being the first parade hosting park bares a pretty simple route, from the east side of It’s a Small World straight to Main Street and Town Square.

Walt Disney world is kind of unique in its Parade path. This is the only parade to curve along the Rivers of America, making the night parades (Presently Spectromagic) magically reflect in the waters. The route is gonna be altered though, due to Liberty Square bridge being refurbished.
Tokyo with its now very famous Canopy couldn’t really let the floats parade down their covered World Bazaar. So this one starts from Fantasyland like in Paris and Anaheim and ends up in… Fantasyland as well, or a few yards beaten off from Tomorrowland. Because of this very unique route, the parade doesn’t clog up the park like in the other Kingdoms.

Paris’ route is pretty much inspired by Disneyland’s original. East side of It’s a Small World, all the way down to Town Square. We can note that the Fantasy Festival Stage outdoor theater which sits right by Sleeping Beauty Castle has been designed to let the parade float between its stage and seating rows. Making it the premium spot to watch the show on the only parade bleachers of the 5 Magic Kingdoms.

Finally, Honk Kong gets pretty much the same route as Anaheim and Paris. With no particular info to discuss.
Which makes really three very different parade routes for the 5 Kingdoms, the orignal route being always picked first hand when possible. One thing sure, beside presend day Spectromagic, it always ends up in Main Street or it’s not a Kingdom’s Parade !
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  • corruption

    Where’d you get that satellite/aerial photo of HKDL?

  • CheriBibi

    I don’t remember, from google image I think.