Comparing the Kingdoms, Disney's Magic Kingdoms.
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Where Toontown is not.

Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland are the only Kingdoms without their Toon area.  [update] Since February 2011, Orlando’s Magic Kingdom has joined them for their Toontown Fair has been scrapped to make way for the Fantasyland Expansion. A Toontown was supposed to land during Phase 3 of the french Kingdom but due to the […]

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Welcome to D23…

  The Press Release is out, much more information on the official website… but it looks like Disney is launching a chargeable all thing Disney official Fan Club. Theme Parks, Movies, Collectibles, everything shall be adressed through this 74.99$ a year channel.  Package includes exclusive 4 issues a year magazine, certificate, a collectible,  coupons and […]

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Naked Main Street

For more than 3 years now, Le Parc Disneyland’s Main Street perspective has been inhabited by the Disney Princess/15th Anniversary Poles. But one month ago, they’ve been put away for an overhaul that would deck Disneyland Paris upcoming celebration : Mickey’s Magical Party ! So is the french Main Street finally naked ? Yes ! […]

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Hong Kong Disneyland Satellite Picture !

It seemed like this imagery would never show up… At last: Hong Kong Disneyland seen from the sky. It obviously dates from a few months before opening, by clicking on the image itself, you’ll get a higher definition of the 5th Kingdom. By licking here, you’ll get a picture encompassing the whole resort on which […]

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Google Earth 5 and Disney History !

What is it with this guy and Google Earth ? I just love watching my favorite theme parks from the sky. Helps me build my articles when checking for attractions placing and layout. But little did I suspect that it would help the historical side of my pieces ! That’s right ! starting today with […]

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3 Haunted Mansion and 1 Phantom Manor

A ghost house involves animated skeletons reaching out in the dark, fluorescent matter dropping on your face, taped laughter and of course the never ending rolling barrel. But all of those were replaced 40 years ago by a stretching room, a pepper ghost banquet, Mrs. Leota, and some carriages called Doom Buggies.
This article, is about the 4 Haunted Mansion attractions of the 5 Magic Kingdoms.

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Moving to www.6kingdoms.old

[UPDATE] NEW SITE IS ON ! (if everything alright, you should already be on it) Thanks to numerous self-teaching blogs, I was able to smoothly move the entire content of the blog into a graphically and technically enhanced 5 Kingdoms. This will ease the writing and formating of the articles as well as give the […]

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The Canopy

The Canopy… or the marquee, or the covered passage, or that huge victorian Crystal Palace placed over Main Street. Let’s look how Tokyo Disneyland’s own World Bazaar is so unique that it stands among the greatest piece of Disney architecture.

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Google Earth 3D coming to Disneyland Paris

It’s been officialy announced by DLRP Management, the same service provided by Walt Disney World through Google Earth 3D will be available for Disneyland Paris starting martch 28th. This is wonderful news for all those who couldn’t visit the European restort already. Parks, hotels and transportation, everything will be modelised and tagged just like for […]

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