Spectromagic !


This wonderful parade has never been featured at any other Disney location ! It is the Magic Kingdom’s evening signature and deserve all the attention it can get as a Kingdom’s Parade !

Openned in 1991 for a first run that ended in may 1999, Spectromagic came back 2 years later for a second run that still last to this day.  

The technology developped for Spectromagic has been later used at Tokyo Disneyland’s Fantillusion which has today found a permanent residence in Paris.

Spectromagic is nonetheless a unique nightime parade, only to be witnessed at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. It is also, as explained in this past article, the only night Parade to scroll by any Rivers of America.

Since 1999,  everytime you hear this booming jingle echoing from this unique route, every kids and parents run toward this amazing river of lights. Even some of those who’d rather exloit the short lines than watch Spectromagic, can get a feel of it from the Splash Moutain drop or Big Thunder railroads. And believe  me when you see a glimpse of those glimmering floats gliding by the Rivers as you rush in and out of the Mountain, you know for sure, you are in a Kingdom !

Here’s a glance of Magic Kingdom’s Sperctromagic…


Music by John Debney and Steve Skorija

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  • Awesome pic. Did you take it??

  • CheriBibi

    Yup I did ;)

  • pouette

    yes, a very nice picture indeed !

  • steve2wdw

    While I like the MSEP, I love Spectro…it’s much more majestic and seems to fit better in the MK than its predecesor did.