Where Toontown is not.

Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland are the only Kingdoms without their Toon area. 
[update] Since February 2011, Orlando’s Magic Kingdom has joined them for their Toontown Fair has been scrapped to make way for the Fantasyland Expansion.

A Toontown was supposed to land during Phase 3 of the french Kingdom but due to the financial disappointment of the venue, no Toon ever came to dwell in Le Parc Disneyland.

Plans were to put it out of the bern so guest would have passed under a tunnel between It’s A Small World and the also scrapped Phase 2’s Little Mermaid ride.

Where Paris’ Toontown should have been

For now the only Toon presence in the Parisian resort is across Fantasia Gardens in Walt Disney Studio’s Toon Studio. It is not where they live, but rather where they work.

More like a backdrop though…

As for Hong Kong, it is not even rumored…

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  • Even though I have not yet made it to either park, it is a shame that they have not created any space for Toons at either of these parks. I love this area in WDW’s Magic Kingdom, which is put to shame by the area under the tracks in Disneyland, and feel that every Magic Kingdom is entitled to some semblance of a Toontown.