Comparing the Kingdoms, Disney's Magic Kingdoms.
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Christening and Name Change

Why is this park named this way ? And why isn’t it called like it used to be ? And why did they have to change its name anyway ? This article follows the “13 Official Names” piece posted before and elaborates on the 13 Disney park’s names’ origins and evolution. Disneyland Resort The Mother […]

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6 Perspective Wows.

When you enter a Magic Kingdom, the most important factor is the Wow. This Wow hits you many times in a Disney park but its most famous encounter is when you start walking up Main Street and get hit by its magical perspective : Main Street in its center, with its colofrul sidewalks and gay […]

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13 Official Names

Now we talk about Disneyworld or is it Walt Disney World, EuroDisney or Disneyland Paris ? And how do we define Disneyland the park from Disneyland the resort ? This post is about the official names of not only Magic Kingdoms but every Disney theme parks. Disneyland Resort Disneyland Park Disney’s California Adventure Walt Disney […]

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3 Tiki Rooms !

This attraction is beared by 3 Kingdoms out of 5 which doesn’t make it the most reproduced but there has been so many versions of it, and I was lucky to experience all 4 of them, (and soon the new Tokyo “Stich” version) That I coudn’t resist but innaugurate the blog with this article. Waaaake […]

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I’m just a Disney fan. Starts when you’re a kid, loosen up around your teenage years and grabs you back as soon as you’re discovering adult life. I must confess that what I love the most about Disney is the parks, the Disneyland legacy and everything around them which is now bluntly summarised as “Walt Disney […]

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