Comparing the Kingdoms, Disney's Magic Kingdoms.
Archive: Only in Tokyo Disneyland
China Voyager

There are only two Chinese restaurants in the 5 Kingdoms (and not so many more in the whole Disney world). The first one is Hong Kong Disneyland’s Plaza Inn whose only uniqueness is its Chinese servings. Only in Tokyo can you eat in a unique Chinese restaurant. The story of this humble counter service, all […]

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The Canopy

The Canopy… or the marquee, or the covered passage, or that huge victorian Crystal Palace placed over Main Street. Let’s look how Tokyo Disneyland’s own World Bazaar is so unique that it stands among the greatest piece of Disney architecture.

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Flavored Popcorn

One major thing to remember when visiting Tokyo Disneyland is that those popcorn stands clearly defining any Magic Kingdom offer a different kind of corn depending on their location. In Tokyo Disneyland only can you find : Black-Pepper popcorn Curry popcorn Honey popcorn (right by Pooh’s Hunny Hunt entrance) Soda popcorn Caramel popcorn I heard […]

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