Flavored Popcorn

One major thing to remember when visiting Tokyo Disneyland is that those popcorn stands clearly defining any Magic Kingdom offer a different kind of corn depending on their location.

In Tokyo Disneyland only can you find :
  • Black-Pepper popcorn
  • Curry popcorn
  • Honey popcorn (right by Pooh’s Hunny Hunt entrance)
  • Soda popcorn
  • Caramel popcorn

I heard about Coconut Popcorn by the Tiki Room but was not able to confirm that.

Note that Tokyo Disney Sea also proposes this treat, with even more flavors… But this is for you to find, I’ll just say there is capuccino and coconut for sure :D

I love Tokyo.
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  • D.O.C.

    Black-Pepper Popcorn. That sounds interesting. Though it reminds me of a flavor I once saw while living in England; “American Bubble-gum Flavor.” I have never seen bubble-gum flavored popcorn in America. It struck me as funny.

  • — Ryan P. Wilson

    The mention of honey popcorn seems to have started a rumbly in my tumbly. Oh bother…

  • bigbrian-nc

    I know that one of the folks in the Meandering Mouse podcasts trips over to Tokyo really liked the Cappachino flavored popcorn

  • tokyo5

    >I love Tokyo.

    Me too!

  • Anonymous

    True! They have coconut popcorn in Disney sea! I'm desperately looking to find some in Canada but I can't! :( They also have honey!

    I love Japan! <3 forever! <3