China Voyager

There are only two Chinese restaurants in the 5 Kingdoms (and not so many more in the whole Disney world). The first one is Hong Kong Disneyland’s Plaza Inn whose only uniqueness is its Chinese servings. Only in Tokyo can you eat in a unique Chinese restaurant.

The Tiny Facade
The shack is well idden behind lush foliages

The story of this humble counter service, all outdoor venue, evoques a group of Chinese adventurers whose clipper ship crashed on Adventureland’s perilous shores. From the rescued items of the destroyed ships, they were able to build this restaurants for the locals.

The outdoor seating of China Voyager
China Voyager’s seating area is all outdoor.


The handmade construction covering the kitchen is the only indoor environment, the seating is layed out on the side under a sheet metal roofing shed, again decorated by the remnants of a ship.

The Indoor Counter of China Voyager
Great theming inside as well

The restaurant seats neatly in Tokyo’s Adventureland in an block of exotic buildings wedged between its New Orleans area and its bamboo bridge entrance.

Side of China Voygager
From Adventureland bridge, the side of China’s looks less precarious.


The Only counter service Chinese restaurant of the 5 Magic Kingdoms, Tokyo Disneyland’s China’s Voyager is a popular dining location in its locality which draws heavy line any day of the year. Its outdoor seating area adjacent to a cute river scene makes it a prime location for any new or regular visitor of the Japanese Kingdom ! So don’t forget to visit and enjoy this unique place when you’re in Tokyo.

3D Menus
Wouldn’t be a true asian restaurant without 3D menus!

And a special thanks to PeterPanFan whose pictures made this Only In possible.

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