5 Christmas Trees

On the most wonderful time of the year, any Disney Kingdom around the world dresses up it’s most remote detail to share the Christmas spirit. The centerpiece of this advent celebration has always been its highest and most noticeable one. This modest article is about the 5 Christmas Trees of the 5 Magic Kingdoms !

Of course the trees have always been planned to tag along once the Christmas Season openned. For more than 50 years Disneyland always got itself a live tree in the center of Town Square until this very season when it switched to a very real feeling fake tree.
For decades already every other Kingdoms have used fake trees for their ease of transport and permanent good look.

As for their location, Town Square is the ideal spot. Some parks like Disneyland Paris and the Magic Kingdom in Florida have tried to move it closer to the castle recently but they all came back where they belong, right behind Paris’ gazebo and other’s flagpole. It welcomes the guests with a special Christmas wow that later step aside once you start walking up Main Street.

Only Anaheim and Hong Kong share a very similar tree, other than that, all other Kingdoms build their very own tree.
Disneyland and Hong Kong  decoration hold classical baubles and garlands much like Disneyland Paris whose beautiful snowflakes illuminates among nutcrackers toys and other christmas glitters.
Tokyo also displays a very glamorous dressing with red lights and pearl garlands linked together to massive golden stars.
Walt Disney World on the other hand picked a warmer craftier set with big gingerbread men, popcorn garlands and wax dripping candles.

No matter in which country they stand on, Disney’s Christmas Trees are just huge and top most of the other trees of the area. For that reason they are a amazement for children and adults that visit their respective parks. Looking up to that high placed star is always one of the best memory of your Disney vacation, no matter where you chose to spend it.
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    Actually WDW moves it’s tree a few times a year, the reason they move it from Town Square to the castle is to have Town Square open for the Christmas parade filming, so almost every year the tree will be both in town square, and up at the castle, just a different times, this year the parade filming wrapped up before my first visit to the Magic Kingdom on the 11th, so Town Square was the only place I saw it.

  • CheriBibi

    oh thanks for that input ! I had no idea.