Comparing the Kingdoms, Disney's Magic Kingdoms.
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Alice In Wonderland Ride

Alice is present in many forms in every Kingdoms but only in Disneyland can you ride an authentic Alice in Wonderland Dark ride. It mimics those classical carnival dark rides which had its guest travel both indoor and outdoor. The ride opened in 1958 with a little bit of delay but turned out to be […]

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Plaza Gardens Stage

UPDATE: This entry refers to the defunct Carnation Plaza Garden which has seen been replaced by the Royal Theater. It was good while it last. It all comes from a misplaced Bandstand. As everyone knows, on the blueprints of Disneyland, the bandstand was supposed to sit in the middle of Town Square for everyone to […]

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Sailing Ship Columbia

By reading this title and not knowing your Kingdoms very well you could swear this wonderful watercraft is in Walt Disney World docked by the Land from the same era : Liberty Square. Well no ! Walt Disney World’s Kingdom doesn’t have a sail ship, actually no Kingdom does but Disneyland. There, not only can […]

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Trash Can Trio !

Now this post is not gonna learn anything new to the Californian Disney fans but for all the others… Only perfoming in Disneyland is the Disneyland’s Trash Can Trio ! Those three janitors pop up from nowhere in Tomorrowland and buff together using their cleaning tools. It’s really fun discovering them, especially when you have […]

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