Alice In Wonderland Ride

Alice is present in many forms in every Kingdoms but only in Disneyland can you ride an authentic Alice in Wonderland Dark ride.

Giant mushroom marking the entrance of Alice in Wonderland ride. The book sits on its top
The mushroom marquee !

It mimics those classical carnival dark rides which had its guest travel both indoor and outdoor. The ride opened in 1958 with a little bit of delay but turned out to be one the first jewels of early Fantasyland.

Around the end of the ride, the caterpillar-shaped cars glide in the open to give their riders a stunning view of the matterhorn’s side and Mad Tea Party from above. Then it’s back inside for the Un-birthday finale.

The outdoor portion of Alice in Wonderland Ride
Zigzaging above Wonderland during the ride’s outdoor section

Flickr user: WEBMikey

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