Alice ?

Where and How each and every Disney characters or Franchise are imagineered and exploited all around the 5 Kingdoms ?

Just a new modest section of 5 Kingdoms. Alice shall cut the ribbon.

The original Mad Tea Party cups...

The original Mad Tea Party cups...

Alice is present in all 5 Kingdoms through its world famous attraction. No matter which kingdom you stop by, guests are gonna spin under the charming theme of Alice in Wonderland, but some Kingdoms offer more than a few cups of Alice ! Actually 3 of them have something special from Walt Disney’s Classic Alice in Wonderland.

Since 1958 in the only Kingdom already opened that year, Alice welcomes guests to a unique dark ride located in Fantasyland. You climb on a 2 rows Caterpillar which before and after scrolling through Wonderland goes out of the building to give its riders a great view of Fantasyland. This darklighted masterpiece simply named ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is unique to its Kingdom and encounters quiet a success in Anaheim.


Facade of Alice in Wonderland ride.


Entrance to the Banquet

Entrance to the Banquet

For long, across the pacific ocean the first Asian Kingdom only had its Mad Tea Party to enjoy, but since 1998, the Tokyo Disneyland got itself a treat. A treat for kids and adults in the form of an authentic Disney buffeteria. Imagineers decided to add a restaurant to Fantasyland and chose the always fresh Alice theme to dress it. Queen of Heart’s Banquet Hall facade works as one of the primary backdrop of the land toward which hungry guest rushes in for the Kingdoms’ only Alice’s culinary experience.

The Big hearted shaped edge welcomes you as in you were entering the maze. Instead you find yourselves seated in Queen of Heart’s castle !




On eside of the building presents the maze. By flickr user frikitiki


Tokyo's Queen of Hearts Banquet's interior.

Tokyo's Queen of Hearts Banquet's interior.

This works as a great alice decor but another park, the ever “lucky” one got even better on its openning day.

In Disneyland Paris, Alice got a real labyrinth, a unique outdoor Walkthrough attraction whose climax (if you can find it) is the Queen of Heart’s very own Castle replicate. Once you’ve passed this other Heart shaped vegetal entrance you’ll find the maze is filled with Alice references and located right across the Cups by which you can have a tea or pastries in a recreated snack vendor version of the March Hare House.

Alice's Curious Labyrinth by Flickr user joelforeman

Disneyland Paris' Alice's Curious Labyrinth by Flickr user joelforeman


Across the entrance of Alice’s Curious Labyrinth stands a March Hare refreshments, faithful replicate this Alice In Wonderland original character. March Hare Refreshments serves beverages and sweets.

Disneyland Paris' March Hare Refreshments
Disneyland Paris’ March Hare Refreshments



Needless to say in those 3 Alice enriched Kingdoms, those attractions/restaurants themed locations assembles into some Alice minilands that work perfectly with the them of Fantasyland in which they are all encompassed.


Hong Kong and Orlando didn’t get any extra bits of Alice, they left stranded with Mad Hatter Tea Cup for one and Mad Tea Party for the other. But Alice is not only in attractions, shops and restaurants. She always gets her own float in any major Disney Parade, and is out and about in every parks quiet often. Actually no matter which Kingdom you visit, you hve a fare chance of meeting her in person bouncing around her own little Wonderland.



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