Maximum Capacity

The week-end before Christmas, Disneyland Paris, in an unprecedented move had to pull out the SOLD OUT sign three days in advance, warnning its upcoming guests that only visitors with a dated ticket would be allowed in. The rest either better cancel their trip, or settle for the resort’s second gate : Walt Disney Studios.

These are the 5 estimation of the maximum capacity of the 5 Magic Kingdoms.

  • Disneyland Park: 49,000
  • Magic Kingdom Park: 90,000
  • Tokyo Disneyland Park: 90,000
  • Parc Disneyland: 85,000

Hong Kong Disneyland Park: 35,000

Every 5 Kingdoms are different in superficy and crowd capacity. It is merely impossible to calculate the real crowd capacity of the parks, so this article only list the numbers at which point, park management will shut the valvle and not let anyone else in.

Those figures were hard to come by as most sources differ.

  • For Disneyland my sources are from the most recent article of Al Lutz .
  • For the Magic Kingdom, it’s from the various reports of this holiday shut down where attendances were said to be between 83,000 to 100,000. I’m therefor guessing that the 100,000 figure always given is a bit overestimated.
  • Tokyo’s numbers are only a guess, but the park holds very large areas capable to hold many without congestion. So it has to be equivalent to Florida’s Magic Kingdom
  • For le Parc Disneyland, it’s a well known number that’s frequently reached and always spoken out by castmembers on those particular days.
  • Hong Kong is from an article from dating back from 2005 where park management refused to lower their max number of 30,000 despite guest complaints. I believe due to various expansion since opening, this  number must be closer to 35,000 now.
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