Only in Tokyo Disneyland – Grandma Sara’s Kitchen

Tokyo Disneyland holds many restaurant locations faithfully replicated from the American parks, but Only in Tokyo can you experience a meal in Grandma Sara’s Kitchen !

This counter service restaurant in the middle of Critter Country has two main entrances and a very small one on the side, perfectly matching Critter’s Country theme of scattered doors and small houses.

The interior is pretty much like being inside a giant rabbit’s lair. Earth and chunk of wood laid on the walls out sets the decor for this interesting culinary experience. It is the only place among the Kingdom to offer the restaurant version of Splash Mountain, a real treat !

The place spans on two floors making it one of the largers counter service of Tokyo Disneyland.

Grandma Sara’s Kitchen must be on your restaurant A list for anyone visiting this Kingdom. It is truly the hang out for anyone one addicted to Splash !

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  • — Ryan P. Wilson

    Wow! I really really wish we had one of these in Florida. If not in Frontierland, maybe near the woodland creatures in Fantasyland?

    Thanks for giving me another item to add to my listen of reasosn to get to Tokyo, stat!