Here it comes

Many stuff happened during 2008, and new projects have been anounced even though nothing came to the Kingdoms. Always their “second, third of fourth gates” get the treats. But hey, that can also mean they’re close to perfection and few will disagree. Beside they did took all the attention up until the late 90’s. I know they’ll be taken care of once their littler brothers are contented.

Only Tokyo Disneyland  in 2009 will get its Monster Inc. attraction which is said to have been fused with that Winnie The Pooh effect. Meanning : nothing like we, occidental, have ever experienced before with those characters.

And It’s still gonna be a great year for Disneyland Paris as they just announced recored incomes and attendence for the year 2007. Hotels occupation reached 91% which can only mean that the building of a new hotel can go from the rumor status to sweet “inevitable”.

Although there is one big Kingdom announcement that should pop out during the course of 2009. Let’s hope the crisis don’t postpone that new Disney conquer.

Again, to all of you fans of Disney’s Magic Kingdoms and their amazing sister parks :

Happy New Year !

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  • D.O.C.

    And a very Happy New Year to you! Wishing you all the best for a safe and happy 2009.