Comparing the Kingdoms, Disney's Magic Kingdoms.
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Columbia Harbour House

Liberty Square holds some boutique gems as well as the Bell… But another Liberty beauty which takes most of its north end is Columbia Harbour House a large counter service restaurant only to be found in the only to have a Pilgrim themed land Kingdom : the officialy named floridian Magic Kingdom. Columbia Harbour House […]

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La Girafe Curieuse

Adventureland, in Paris is unique. Its inspiration doesn’t just come from the jungle environement commonly used in Kingdoms. This one takes a lot from a real continent : Africa. This store and its design is a real Disney jewel, but what many people don’t notice passing by this sandy outpost is the star itself : […]

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Flavored Popcorn

One major thing to remember when visiting Tokyo Disneyland is that those popcorn stands clearly defining any Magic Kingdom offer a different kind of corn depending on their location. In Tokyo Disneyland only can you find : Black-Pepper popcorn Curry popcorn Honey popcorn (right by Pooh’s Hunny Hunt entrance) Soda popcorn Caramel popcorn I heard […]

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Only in… Disneyland Paris – The Old Mill

Or Les Pirouettes du Vieux Moulin !When designing Fantasyland Tony Baxter’s team soon realised that hey hadn’t included any link to Holland, Belgique and Luxembourg. They thought about adding a mill… Actually an Old Mill attraction was already planned for Disneyland, as seen on this Bruce Bushman’s concept from Walt Disney Imagineering : A Behind […]

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Refreshing Delivery

Nothing dies forever in Disney parks, sometime you just have to check out another Kingdom. This beauty has been added to the Le Parc Disneyland in november 2006 and little did I know it was an exclusive. Until I stumbled on Daveland blog’s recent post. After Dave kindly told me Carnation wagon was Yesterland for […]

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Trash Can Trio !

Now this post is not gonna learn anything new to the Californian Disney fans but for all the others… Only perfoming in Disneyland is the Disneyland’s Trash Can Trio ! Those three janitors pop up from nowhere in Tomorrowland and buff together using their cleaning tools. It’s really fun discovering them, especially when you have […]

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