Columbia Harbour House

Liberty Square holds some boutique gems as well as the Bell… But another Liberty beauty which takes most of its north end is Columbia Harbour House a large counter service restaurant only to be found in the only to have a Pilgrim themed land Kingdom : the officialy named floridian Magic Kingdom.
Columbia Harbour House sits on both Fantasyland and Liberty Square as its archway (filled with tables) stands as the gateway from Liberty Square to Fantasyland.

Quick service restaurants mainly serving fish is rather rare in the Kingdoms. Only Toad’s Restaurant in Disneyland Paris does so. As in Toad’s venue, Harbour House serves Fish & Chips along with chicken nuggets and salads.

Columbia Harbor House

The only thing missing beside this immersive building and cuisine is the Columbia ship itself which oddly float on California waters where no Colonial oriented land exist.
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  • Biblioadonis aka George

    Great post!

    I think you have to remember that the Magic Kingdom was built right before the United States Bi-Centnennial. A land themed rich in history and patriotic display would have been a no-brainer for the Imagineers after Walt’s passing. Also, Walt had always wanted a Liberty Street right off of Main St ay Disneyland (between Main St and Tomorrowland) to celebrate the Colonial days.

    I do love Liberty Square!

  • Regis Philibert aka CheriBibi

    Definitlely !

    I mainly meant that WDW deserves its Columbia ;)

  • Mike

    Disneyland cast members in the past would punch their time cards at “Harbor House”—the little security shack that served as the employee entrance to the original Magic Kingdom (now known as the “Disneyland Park” area of the “Disneyland Resort”; gag!).

    “Harbor House” got its name from the famous boulevard on which the Park sits (Harbor Boulevard in Anaheim).

    The “Harbour House” may have nothing at all to do with the old Disneyland employee entrance, but then again…