Refreshing Delivery

Nothing dies forever in Disney parks, sometime you just have to check out another Kingdom.

This beauty has been added to the Le Parc Disneyland in november 2006 and little did I know it was an exclusive. Until I stumbled on Daveland blog’s recent post. After Dave kindly told me Carnation wagon was Yesterland for long, I felt I had to share this jewel.
Sometime sponsoring does some good !
For all who miss Disneyland’s Carnation wagon, enjoy the pics. Oh and by the way, even though it appears like a still refreshment stand, I swear it runs and change location. 
Honk ! Honk !
Thank you Dave !
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  • Davelandweb

    Although it doesn’t quite capture the old-time feel that the original Gurr-mobile version did, it is nice to know that there is a very close homage out there somewhere! Great post!