La Girafe Curieuse

Adventureland, in Paris is unique. Its inspiration doesn’t just come from the jungle environement commonly used in Kingdoms. This one takes a lot from a real continent : Africa. This store and its design is a real Disney jewel, but what many people don’t notice passing by this sandy outpost is the star itself : The Curious Giraffe.

She’s quietly ruminating right avove your head, while peeking inside this human store. The chewing effect still works perfectly ! 

It is located just left after you entered Adventureland. If you keep walking on the left you’ll get into the african side of the french Adventureland. The building has therefor also been put here to serve as a beacon of where you’re heading. 
The stores sells plushes and clothes all themed around the desert and the jungle. The sign shown above reads “Everything for safaris”.
Oh, and now you know how the french spell giraffe.
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