Comparing the Kingdoms, Disney's Magic Kingdoms.
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4 Emporium and 1 Grand Emporium

There is not many famous Disney departement stores. Yet in every 5 Kingdoms, after your first few yards you encounter one of their biggest. It is where many guest finish their days, lazily scrolling between its isles… This article is about the 5 Emporium stores of the 5 Magic Kingdoms. Emporium stores… It does sound […]

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La Girafe Curieuse

Adventureland, in Paris is unique. Its inspiration doesn’t just come from the jungle environement commonly used in Kingdoms. This one takes a lot from a real continent : Africa. This store and its design is a real Disney jewel, but what many people don’t notice passing by this sandy outpost is the star itself : […]

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Refreshing Delivery

Nothing dies forever in Disney parks, sometime you just have to check out another Kingdom. This beauty has been added to the Le Parc Disneyland in november 2006 and little did I know it was an exclusive. Until I stumbled on Daveland blog’s recent post. After Dave kindly told me Carnation wagon was Yesterland for […]

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