Comparing the Kingdoms, Disney's Magic Kingdoms.
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36 Lands

Here are the names and numbers of the 27 lands that fill every Magic Kingdoms on earth. Some lands are the same but are named differently to better match the park’s location cultural references. Disneyland Park (8 Lands) Main Street USA Adventureland Frontierland Fantasyland Tomorrowland Critter Country New Orleans Square Mickey’s Toontown Magic Kingdom Park […]

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6 Perspective Wows.

When you enter a Magic Kingdom, the most important factor is the Wow. This Wow hits you many times in a Disney park but its most famous encounter is when you start walking up Main Street and get hit by its magical perspective : Main Street in its center, with its colofrul sidewalks and gay […]

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3 Tiki Rooms !

This attraction is beared by 3 Kingdoms out of 5 which doesn’t make it the most reproduced but there has been so many versions of it, and I was lucky to experience all 4 of them, (and soon the new Tokyo “Stich” version) That I coudn’t resist but innaugurate the blog with this article. Waaaake […]

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