And then they were 6…

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This new number has been 5 years in the making from the first rumors, to the first excavation work, to the official opening date announcement and finally to today. It’s a perfect time for 5 Kingdoms to become 6 Kingdoms and dress up for the occasion.


New comparing articles may come in time, but a lot of the old ones have yet to be updated. The Asian kingdoms have added some interesting attractions these past few years and were not included in our past comparisons since the modest endeavor went into hiatus, and with the inclusion of another Kingdom, facts have changed. A new “mystical” Haunted Mansion has been added to the kingdoms for instance. And today Shanghai brings along its sum of novelties as well…

A new Castle (in 24 years!) a new Pirates, a new Carousel, a new Alice Labyrinth when Paris was the only kingdom having one. For so many reasons, new materials may be sparse, but expect past articles to be updated to fit recent changes and adorn new pictures and aspect.

As it was time to refresh the style of 5 Kingdoms, I realized the reading experience could be better, enriched with larger and more numerous visuals for a start, but also more like a magazine as an illustrative blog should be. The first comparison to have been enriched with some pixie dust is Big Thunder Mountain. That may be the better part of the change coming in 2016 : enriching, fact checking past articles.

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