Who’s the Boss ?

Sure but when he’s out posing with guests, who operates ?

  • Disneyland is operated by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, a division of the Walt Disney Company that controls both US resorts, the Disney Cruise Line and Imagineering, its chairman being Jay Rasulo. You may have heard of that name :) President of Disneyland and head of the Team Disney Building Anaheim is Ed Grier.
  • Walt Disney World also falls into the jurisdiction of Parks and Resorts, its president is Meg Crofton.
  • Disneyland Paris is controled and operated by EuroDisney SCA, a company detained at 39.78% by a holding of The Walt Disney Company, 10% by a holding of Saudi Prince Alwaleed and 50.22% by private shareholders. SCA = Société en Commandité par Action. Its president is Karl Holtz who will transfer power to Philippe Gas on September 1st. (Karl Holtz will be in charge of the New Vacation Operations of the Walt Disney Company, think Hawaiian resort…)
  • Tokyo Disneyland is operated by the Oriental Land Company. This one is privately owned, no Disney in sight. OLC approached Disney in 1980 with the idea to create a Disney Park, built by the mouse, copyrighted by the mouse, but operated without it. Disney needed the cash and had no intention of expanding its park operations outside of the US and certainly not in Asia. Those guys didn’t represent a competing threat : they shook hands. 
  • Hong Kong is operated by Hong Kong International Theme Parks Limited, a company owned at 43% by The Mouse and 57% by Hong Kong government, Hong Kong SAR (Special Administrative Region). Bill Ernest is the vice president and managing Director of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, a position in the Chinese owned company that seems to be at the discrection of the Walt Disney Company and answering directly to it..
If you want to read more on the history of Tokyo Disney Resort check out this piece at Blue Sky Disney.
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