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These are the attendance numbers for the 5 Magic Kingdoms in the year 2007
Magic Kingdom Park : 17,060,000
Disneyland : 14,870,000
Tokyo Disneyland : 13,906,000
Disneyland Paris : 12,000,000
Hong Kong Disneyland 4,150,000
Out of the top 25 international theme parks numbers, the whole podium (1st, 2nd and 3rd) is held by Magic Kingdoms :)
See the full charts here or download the full TEA reports here.
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  • D.O.C.

    I wonder if this takes repeated entrances by the same guest into account. If so, I can account for about 25 or so of the Magic Kingdom number, what with personal and family visits.

  • bigbrian-nc

    I’m sure the same guest entering on seperatedays are counted, though same day i would wonder about, the other BIG factor that I wionder if it helped push the MK in Florida so high are the big four types of private parties (mcmvp, mnsshp, ppp, grad nights) they often get “two days attendance” in each 24 hour period first they have their regular day then an early close followed by a party they sell seperate tickets for this must be HIGHLY PROFITABLE and give them a chance to really bump up those attendance figures as well.