Locked In ?

George from Imaginerding recently asked me if some parks were locked inside their berm like Disneyland, or if they had some extension potential outside the berm. Interesting…
  • Disneyland is indeed for long restricted in expansion by the construction surrounding it, Disney’s and other’s.
  • The Magic Kingdom in Florida though has plenty of space to expand on, outside its berm, and even much inside it. While riding the Railroad, passing the north side of the park you can realise how much space they can dispose of inside their berm.
  • Tokyo Disneyland has for long been encircled by on property parking structures that were pushed back for expansion. They still have this kind of space avalaible on most of the west of the park. Note that they don’t even have a Disneyland Raiload track on this side of the Kingdom (we’ll discuss this in a soon to come article).
  • Disneyland Paris on the contrary doesn’t have as much space as those last two. Its berm is borded by maintenance facilities and other constructions. Plenty of space was left inside the berm for Phase 2, so there was no need to let much outside. Therefore, “offberm” they only have the patch north to Star Tours which was supposed to welcome ToonTown, and another one south StarTours where is assembled one of those temporary permanent sructures. It hosts Buzz Lightyear’s Pizza Planet restaurant.
  • For Hong Kong it is a common fact that plenty of land was left around. Yet it’s only visible on the resort map. I wish I could have confirmed that, but even if some facilities not shown on the public maps are present, it still leaves a large amount of room for outberm expansions.
So while Disneyland is fully locked and Disneyland Paris could only add 2 maybe 3 attractions or a small ToonTown outside its berm, Walt Disney World, Tokyo and Hong Kong could easily add a whole land on the other side of the train track… Lucky for the Frontierland lacking one :)
Thanks George for bringing that up !
(the question originally concerned Tokyo and Paris)
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