Disney Trash Cans

Sorry there, nothing to compare. 

Amoung the 5 Kingdoms, the famous Disney trash cans have always been the same. And god do we love’em ! They may be common sight in the US, but for the rest of the world : only when droping our litter with a bang, do we know we’re in a Disney park :) 
There must be hundreds of different trash cans over the Disney Resorts as their uniqueness is only a paint job away. There’s not to many variant in use : The normal one, the recycle ones with two holes for you to throw in bottles and the ashtray ones…
As you can see on this very famous picture, they’ve been around since almost the begining.

Couple of fun links to save from the trash :

Here is a video of one of the living trash cans in Disneyland from Coolhead.

Here a nice Flickr series on Walt Disney World’s Trash cans from Jazzyfox.

Ahother set from Disney’s California adventure featured on

PS: sorry for not using a picture from a Magic Kingdom, but it’s a nice one, and it’s mine.

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  • Pussnboots

    As a graphic designer (cough), I’ve always loved the Disney trash cans, because it goes to show what a little color and a graphic can do for this generic receptacle.

    Apparently, Disney buys them from this company:
    …and then gives them a lick of paint and they’re good to go.

    I’m thinking of taking pictures of all the different trash cans at DLP next month — or at least attempting to. It hasn’t had its trash cans documented as well as WDW’s and DL’s. Ah, how esoteric.

  • CheriBibi

    Thanks for the company info. You may be dissapointed by DLP trash cans though, there seem to be merely one design per land…