Berms and Numbers

Here are the area numbers of every 5 Kingdoms in matter of quantity of land inside the berm :
Le Parc Disneyland : 140 Acres (566,560 M2)
Tokyo Disneyland : 115 Acres (465,388 M2)
Magic Kingdom : 107 Acres (433,000 M2
Hong Kong Disneyland : 100 Acres (404,685 M2)
Disneyland Park : 85 Acres (344,000 M2)
Now beside Disneyland, not every square meters of those aera numbers are occupied by the park. Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom holds in its berm a large unoccupied surface, so does, in ¬†smaller figures Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland.¬†
We can also say, that beside its most modest enterprise : Hong Kong Disneyland, Disney always increased the size of its Magic Kingdoms over the years.
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  • Biblioadonis aka George

    I know that HKL and the MK are all able to go beyond the current berms if needed. What about DLP and TDL? Are they landlocked like DL?

  • CheriBibi

    No they’re not landlocked, TDL’s berm is 1/3 boarded by OLC owned parking areas that could be used if they added another mutli-level parking building.
    As for Disneyland Paris though they could only grab a few acres where toontown was supposed to be build and another small piece of land where Buzz Lighyear Pizza Planet has been hurrily assembled years ago. DLP could only add 2 maybe 3 attractions outisde its berm, as TDL, doing a bit of landscaping could easily add a whole land :D Not planned though :p