How much ?

How much is a day in a Kingdom ?

For a Magic Kingdom only (no hopping) and for one day. Adult/Child.
  • Disneyland Park : $66/56
  • Magic Kingdom Park : $71/60
  • Tokyo Disneyland Park : 5800Y/5000 ($54/45)
  • Le Parc Disneyland : 49€/41 ($76/64)
  • Hong Kong Disneyland Park : HK $350/250 ($45/32)
Note that both US park tend to have you stay longer and get a great ticket/day value. Same is for France. Euro Disney SCA try to have its average stay extended by offering up to 5 days tickets where passed 3 days, the ticket/day ratio gets very interesting.

In Asian Kingdoms though, things are not so idealistic. 
Tokyo don’t even let you hopper unless you stay 3 days and only on your third day of visit can transfer from the parks. It means not matter what, you cannot hopper on your 2 first days. Beside every entry must be used consecutively to the first entry.
As for Hong Kong, they only offer one day tickets. Word is, not too many need to stay longer… But the truth is they want to sell their Annual Pass badly and this “only one day” policy make the Annual Pass a bargain if your stay only exceed two days.

Picture above shows the wonderful ticket booths welcoming guests underneath the Disneyland Hotel in Disneyland Paris.
Picture below the very first line of the Motherpark.

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